Account Forms

Download account related documents below.

      Account Form Pack (incorporates all the required documents below in a single download)

        Account Form including Terms & conditions

        Account Form Only

        Direct Debit Form

Please note that if you are purchasing Gas Oil or Kerosene for commercial use, you will need to complete the Intended Use Form as per the Customs and Excise requirement. There are two forms, one for those who sell Gas Oil and one for users only. Please choose the appropriate form below. 

         Off road fuel Intended Use Form (download this form if you are an on seller)

         Off road fuel Intended Use Form (download this form if you are a user only)

If you purchase Gas Oil or Kerosene for property blocks, care homes or for charities in larger quantities than 2,300 Litres (the 5% VAT rate ceiling), you will still qualify for the lower 5% VAT rate. A Customs document providing information as to what properties qualify can be downloaded here.

Please download the 5% VAT qualifying form below

         VAT Qualifying Form

Marine vessels that qualify for duty free fuel deliveries through pre arrangement with us, can download the required form below.

         Excise Duty Claim Form